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My name is Michael Opeoluwa. I am a realtor and property technologist. I help real estate companies to promote their brands and implement IT in their business activities

Michael Opeoluwa


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

I help real estate businesses to setup self-hosted email marketing software with beautiful HTML templates with which they can send unlimited newsletters and transactional emails to their clients and prospects. Through API, I also connect the email marketing software to our clients' websites. This helps in building email list.

Web development

Web development

I develop search engines optimized real estate websites.

For real estate companies that want to implement online property subscription, virtual tours, those who intend to receive payments from their customers, we've got you covered. We ensure 100% automation.

facebook Ads

SEO and Social Media Marketing

I help real estate brands to improve sales by putting their brands in front of their prospective customers through SEO, Facebook and Instagram ads

Michael Opeoluwa


Extra growth

for your real estate brand!

why you should choose Michael Opeoluwa

Get sustainable results for your business.

By taking your business to more prospective clients through SEO, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and email marketing, your business will experience an extra growth of up to 60%.